We are an artist management company working as a collaborative visual partner.

We are able to build custom teams based on creative needs and budgets. By representing a diverse selection of photographers and maintaining strong relationships with production companies worldwide, we are able to turnkey large projects or offer a la carte services to brands, advertising agencies, and other media outlets. At the end of the day, we’re just trying to be kind and work hard.

Our sister company SEAMINX represents wardrobe stylists, prop stylists, set builders, hair and makeup artists, PA’s, stylist assistants and tailors. When appropriate we partner together to build the right team for the project.

Artist Representatives

Aubrey Mayo

212-979-7300 ext. 1

Jennifer LaFond

212-979-7300 ext. 2

Mary Lang

212-979-7300 ext. 3

Accounting Department

212-979-7300 ext. 4